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高中生 Essay: Advice I have received from a teddy bear


It’s strange to say that the best piece of advice I have ever received as from a stuffed teddy bear. But however strange this may be, it is nevertheless true. The advice that I received from this very special bear has dictated the way I have lived my entire life. Let me explain.

 As an immigrant to the United States, I neither looked nor acted like an American as a child. I spoke little English and was unable to even spell my own name in kindergarten. As a result, I remained a recluse from most of the other children, preferring my little corner in the classroom to the flurry of activities the other kids participated in. But in spite of all this, the thing I wished for the most in the world was a friend. Yet I remained too shy to approach any of the other kindergarteners in my class and found myself companionless and lonely.

One day my kindergarten teacher assigned to us a task that required each student in the class to pair up with a partner. Having refused to associate myself with any of the other students I saw every other student find their best friend to partner up with, leaving me on my lonesome. It was the most horrible feeling in the world.

 I ran home crying. Bawling my eyes out, I turned on the television, hoping to find respite from my woes in a cartoon. The cartoon that was on was from the animated Disney television series Winnie-the-Pooh.

 In that particular episode, Piglet, Pooh’s timid and shy best friend, encounters a porcupine in the forest. Seeing the porcupine’s menacing quills, Piglet becomes terrified and scurries away. When Porcupine arrives at the Hundred Acre Wood all of the animals, including Pooh, greet Porcupine cheerfully. Only Piglet remains fearful of Porcupine. As a result, he spends much time trying to avoid Porcupine. Porcupine is saddened by this, but doesn’t take any action to introduce himself to Piglet. When Pooh saw this, he whispered a piece of advice to Porcupine: “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” Porcupine takes these wise words to heart and finally finds the courage to approach Piglet. As a result, he and Piglet find that they shared many interests and hobbies in common and became fantastic friends.

 This episode struck a chord in me. Pooh was right. I couldn’t expect a friend to suddenly just pop into my life. I had to do something as well. Pooh’s words paved the path to a revelation. I realized that the only way to meet a friend was to be one. That year in kindergarten, I began to interact and open myself to others and soon met a boy named Tom who shared the same interests as I did. We became the best of buddies. In no time at all I had found a friend.

 The years passed and although Tom moved away, we still stayed in touch. In addition, through my expanded interaction with others I had found myself a host of other friends. Even when I switched schools, Pooh’s advice stayed with me. I saw that it wasn’t hard to find something in others that you liked and that if you treat others kindly, they will reciprocate one hundred percent of the time.

 Now, years after I heard Pooh’s insightful words, I am the captain of my school’s debate team, have been an instructor at a public speaking camp, and have also been voted twice as the “Coolest Clown” by my peers. My friends tell me I’m outgoing and outspoken, never shy to talk to a total stranger. I have made it my personal duty to find those who are too shy to speak in my classes and plop myself down next to them and introduce myself. I’ve met more people this way than I have waiting for others to come and talk to me. Pooh’s advice, however simple and seemingly childish, has nevertheless reverberated throughout my entire life.

 I have been able to become friends with so many people, no matter how shy and close-lipped when I met them, because I saw a piece of me in them. I realized that these people had put up walls not to keep others out, but like me, to see who cared enough to break them down. In the end, it was a stuffed teddy bear’s wise words that gave me the necessary tools to do so.





真对不起, 临时接到通知要周四中午开会. 现有仨方案:

1. 大家照原计划周四聚餐,我只好下次了.




征文比赛:In the steps of our fathers 循着先辈的足迹

In the steps of our fathers 循着先辈的足迹

——纪念太平洋铁路150周年、 抗战胜利七十周年,中美青少年中英文作文大赛

大赛宗旨:为激励华人新生代勇于开拓的精神,增进中美青少年对历史的了解,并纪念先辈们为修建美国铁路奠下基石,以及海内外华人支持抗战胜利70年所做出不可磨灭的贡献。APAPA、美国《红杉林》杂志、中文学校协会、欣欣教育、新作文等联合举办中美青少年中英文作文大赛。評審委員會由著名作家及教育專家組成;美国华文文艺界协会、华人传媒协会、硅谷回音、文心社、文学城、海外文轩、99人网、五洲四海网等协办及媒体支持(参赛主题供参考:题目可自定。) Continue reading

Books for Sale (Harker text books and AoPS math books)


Name ISBN Price Condition Comments
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Holt Handbook Mastering the Cllifornia Standards in English-Language Conventions 978-0030652875 $20.00 very good, it’s basically like next except for the stamp on the side and name print on the inside cover. Harker 8 Advanced Core and Honors English Required Book
Algebra and Trigonometry Structure and Method book 2 9780395977255 $25.00 Good Harker Algebra 2 and Trigonometry textbook
Physics, A conceptual World View, 7th edition 978-0-495-56084-5 $99.00 Like New Harker G9 Honors Physics Textbook
Physical Scinece 9780321106636 $4.00 good Harker G7 Science textbook
Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry
by: Earl Swokowski and Jeffery Cole
 9780534404697  $5.00 good Recommended to Terman Middle School Math Honor Students as suppliment
Holt California Geometry 978-0-03-092345-6 $15.00  New Bought as extra copy at Home for convenience.  Nearly never used.
The Art of Problem Solving:  Introduction to Algebra 978-1-934124-14-7 $59.00  New  
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ZT: 怎样培养一个心理阳光的孩子?

1279075138778         “一个阳光快乐的孩子是一个能自主的孩子,他(她)有能力面对生活中的各种困难,也能在社会中找到自己的位置。”这是法国儿童教育学界共同认可的观点。


要人为地制定一些界限,不能无条件地满足孩子的要求。“能够心情愉悦的另一个前提,是孩子能承受生活中那些不可避免的挫折和失望。”   Continue reading

Little Raindrops Childcare Cupertino 家庭幼儿园




7561 tiptoe lane, Cupertino 95014

  Little Raindrops bilingual Child care 位于Cupertino 的 De Anza blv 和 I-85附近,交通便利,环境整洁,注重于儿童的艺术与音乐的早期教育。提供健康的家庭自制午餐,有机牛奶。有爱心,有创意的的老师会帮助您的孩子健康自信的成长。费用为2岁以上每月800,2岁以下1000每月,每天10小时。仅有四个空缺名额,请速联系:


email: littleraindropsdaycare@gmail.com 





转自 视角 网站

芝加哥大学正在准备125周年校庆,我们对此充满怀旧情怀。125年 来,很多事情有所改变——游泳已经不再是毕业要求了,而且学校在经济学、政治学、以及分子工程方面的前沿研究正为新进杰出机构所支持。但不足为奇的是学校 很多传统依然一如既往——我们对于无畏探索的支持、提出涉及大方向的重要问题、以及我们的“奇葩”招生作文选题。每一年,申请者从若干个招生作文选题中选 择其一作答,这些选题无一与传统的大学申请作文模式吻合。请以此为契机,运用你的知识,以及一点点的幽默,进行创造性思考。让你的想象力引领你享受这个探 索之旅。

以下芝大在其官网上最新发布的2015-2016年度本科申请作文选题,其中第一题为必选题,第二题为可选题。此外申请人还须在七个思维拓展作文选题中选择回答其中之一。 Continue reading

Age 15: 【成长花絮:钢琴10级通过以后】

上周末,甜甜通过了加州CM钢 琴10级考试,弹了五首曲子,包括肖邦的《幻想即兴曲》(《Fantaisie-Impromptu》)和中国钢琴曲《向阳花》。乐理考试93分,超过90就是 exempt,即今后即便要参加荣誉级的考试,乐理部分也可免除了。这是成长的里程碑,可喜可贺。


Continue reading


True or false?
 加州大学改变入学标准 in 2012
 您的小孩子如果在好学区, 他们进入加州大学的机会将大幅降低
 2012 起, 加大将取消部分考试成绩并增加一般高中入学名额,
  越好的高中名额降幅将可能越大 从50%降低到9%。

What will be the impact on Chinese inside good school districts? Does protest work on the case?


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