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6/5 Getting into Stanford, Oxford and other top STEM colleges

How do you compete with other high school students who are Intel winners or international Math Olympiad champions? With the growing popularity of science, technology, engineering and math, competition for entrance into these majors grows harder and harder every year. Living in the Bay Area only makes the competition tougher – top-ranked universities will only accept the best of the best Bay Area students.

Victoria is a student who cracked the secret to gaining admission into schools likeStanford, Oxford, MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley (Regents and Chancellors Scholar), UCLA (Regents and Chancellors Scholar) and Johns Hopkins for premed.
She will be giving advice on how to be a competitive STEM applicant and sharing her experience with the college application process. Victoria will be covering topics like:

  • Key factors for being accepted to top schools
  • How to approach essays for STEM-focused schools
  • The similarities and differences between US colleges and UK universities like Oxford, and how to successfully gain admission to both
  • The value of diverse extracurriculars and how to find these activities
  • How to show colleges leadership and well-roundedness
  • How the college lottery works and what you can do to improve your chances
  • Her own personal experience and qualifications that helped her gain admission into top STEM schools

Victoria Yuan is a senior at American High School who is attending Stanford’s Class of 2020. She will major in Biomedical Computation – a combined major between biology, computer science and medicine – under the Stanford School of Engineering. Victoria was involved in numerous and diverse activities throughout high school, from the Biology Olympiad to starting her own nonprofit to running a statewide marketing campaign.

WHEN: 7:00-8:30pm Sunday, 6/5/2016
WHERE: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129
CONTACT: 408-480-7547spring.light.edu@gmail.com
FEE: $30/person, $50/two family members
Registration: http://goo.gl/forms/IDnCVatUwuvlDYva2

5/27 讲座:First-hand insights into how the college game works to avoid fear and worry

How I had a Positive High School Experience

How do you manage classes, extracurriculars, and staying happy in high school? This is a question that many parents and students ask themselves. Many think that you can only have 2 of the 3, but Jeffrey is a student who was able to do all three, and did it with excellence.

Despite all his busy activities, Jeffrey still manages to have fun, stay positive, and live a healthy lifestyle. He will be sharing tips on how he stays happy in face of heavy expectations, and give insights into the college application process that allowed him to maintain a positive attitude throughout high school. Topics he will cover include:

  • How important genuine friendships are for maintaining mental health
  • The value of and how important family support and encouragement throughout high school
  • How to pick enjoyable extracurricular activities related to your personal interests
  • Tips for keeping a positive attitude in the face of stress and expectations
  • First-hand insights into how the college game works to avoid fear and worry
  • A great way to approach college essays to minimize stress


WHEN: 7:00-8:30pm Friday, 5/27/2016

WHERE: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129

CONTACT: 408-480-7547,spring.light.edu@gmail.com

FEE: $30/person, $50/two family members

Registration:  http://goo.gl/forms/iONNgyqdQfc1O2yi1

Jeffrey Chang is a recent Lynbrook student who will join Stanford‘s class of 2020 in the fall. He plans on studying computer science, linguistics, and statistics. He was deeply involved in a number of diverse activities throughout high school, ranging from science to music to French. His activities include:

  • President of Lynbrook Science Club
  • Captain of Lynbrook Science Bowl
  • 2nd place at National Science Bowl Competition
  • Jessica Saal Fellowship Award at Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR)
  • 4-year principal horn of California Youth Symphony
  • First horn in All-State Honor Band
  • 1st place at Synopsys Science Fair in social and behavioral sciences
  • Semifinalist of North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO)
  • Honors (top 150) in US National Chemistry Olympiad
  • 5-time AIME qualifier

感谢父母征文比赛 Words Left Unspoken

Words Left Unspoken: A Parent Appreciation Essay Contest

As time progresses, the younger generations are continuously pitted against adversities that are unfamiliar to the former generations. With heavier course loads, rigorous extracurriculars, and troubling personal problems to worry about, the youths of this era begin to take a very important aspect of their lives for granted: family. Specifically, the loving mothers and fathers supporting them through the ups and downs of adolescence.

In this essay contest, to honor the upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Days, tell us about any thoughts you have regarding your parents’ supportive roles in your life. This can be written in many forms, including a letter to your parents, a collective essay on your views, or a story of a specific memory with you and your parents that you hold dear. We would love to hear from all of you!

Submission guidelines:

Essay length may vary from 300 to 600 words.Please send all questions and submissions to bayechosubmissions@gmail.com


All students are eligible to participate in this contest. They will be split into two categories:

Middle School (6-8 grade during the 2015-2016 year)

High School (9-12 grade during the 2015-2016 year)

Deadline: June 15th, 2016



The Middle School category will have the following prizes:

1st place: $50 (1 winner)

2nd place: $25 (2 winners)

3rd place: $10 (5 winners)

Honorable Mention: $5 gift cards


The High School category will have the following prizes:

1st place: $50 (1 winner)

2nd place: $25 (2 winners)

3rd place: $10 (5 winners)

Honorable Mention: $5 gift cards

All participants will get a participation certificate.

*Bay Echo Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It is run by teenagers who strive to bridge the generational gap between parents and teens as well as the gap between cultures with education.

免费讲座:每个孩子都是创意家--  激发创造力和艺术表达力的创意画



地点:1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129




      现在大家都非常看重个人的创意能力,一个有创造力又兼具艺术表达力的孩子会在众多成绩优秀的孩子中脱颖而出,而创造力和艺术表达力都是可以通过训练而培养的,只要用心发掘孩子的个性和艺术潜力,授以一定的表达绘画技巧, 则每一个孩子都会是独一无二的创意家。

      特别是在高中准备申请大学阶段, 提前准备一份能充分体现学生创造性思维和艺术表达能力的个人作品集尤为重要,它能充分展现学生对生活和事物独特思考的能力。

      本次讲座将分享 :






讲员介绍: 李老师,专业美术学院毕业,从事多年艺术设计工作,曾获中国著名设计师奖,自创品牌并多次荣获金奖,多次举办个人及品牌发布会,热爱美术和生活。

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.59.15 PM李老师和法国著名品牌迪奥前总设计师Gianfranco Ferre詹弗兰科·费雷先生同台发布作品

4月10日讲座 从哈佛到斯坦福(医学院),真实分享




大学和医学院的申请essay 如何有效体现出自己的特色?

斯坦福大学医学院的录取率只有2.6%. 如何准备和申请医学院?



刚从哈佛大学毕业进入斯坦福医学院的May Yang将为您分享。


WHEN: 7:00-8:30pm Sunday, 4/10/2016

WHERE: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129

CONTACT: 408-480-7547,spring.light.edu@gmail.com

FEE: $30/person, $50/two family members

REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/o7rINs

May Yang is a former undergraduate student at Harvard University(2011-2015) now enrolled in Stanford Medical School. Her considerable accomplishments include the following:

2010 (junior year in high school)

  • Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award Recipient

  • American Cancer Society High School Summer Research Program

2011 (senior year in high school)

  • member of US Physics Team

  • National Merit Scholarship Recipient

  • accepted into Harvard, Princeton, and other Tier 1 universities

August 2011 – May 2015 (undergraduate years)

  • undergraduate student at Harvard University

August 2015 – (graduate years)

  • medical student at Stanford Medical School


May graduated from Libertyville High School in Libertyville, IL in 2011 and was accepted into several of the country’s top universities including Harvard and Princeton, a historic record for her high school. With a speaker possessing such insight and experience, this will be a unique opportunity for parents and children alike to learn to build a resume to impress even the highest-ranked schools. In this seminar, Ms. Yang will cover:

  • her experiences in and differences between both Harvard and Stanford

  • key factors to be accepted to universities like Harvard and Princeton

  • her continual efforts to be accepted into Stanford Medical School

  • how to build up credits to be admitted by top universities

  • techniques for building better essays and having better college interviews

  • how parents can help impact a child’s growth for the better

  • anything else you would like to discuss, in a 30-minute Q&Asession at the end of the seminar

2011年新闻报道 芝加哥侨领谈教育: 子女优秀不需虎爸虎妈

2/28周日下午开始物理碗 2016 PhysicsBowl Intensive Training Class

Physicsbowl 并不像其他bowl的比赛,没有抢答,不用buzz。完全是多项选择。概念性强。从易到难。不少亚裔孩子轻看她,但她是AAPT认可的national的比赛。得奖种类多。
春晖今年的7个USAPhO 学生里有4个进入了semifinal。(不包括同时在其他地方上课的学生)
2015 SpringLight’s Physics Bowl team was the No. 3 at the top five overall division 1 team (Regions 1-14).

PhysicsBowl 2016 Exam Date will be on March 30 – April 15, 2016

Are you Ready ? 

Registration today :https://goo.gl/na5fpB

Time: Sunday Afternoon 3:30pm to 6:00pm, 2/28, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27

 Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd., #204 ,San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: 408-366-2204,  or  spring.light.edu@gmail.com
Tuition : $400
Search information for PhysicsBowl :  http://www.aapt.org/Programs/PhysicsBowl/
1. Every class will review  physics concept Mechanics, Wave, Electromagnetic, Optical and Modern Physics.
2. Review the Questions over the years and explain the difficult ones, and help with the wrong problems.

How the Contest Works

Each year, approximately 10,000 students take a 40-question, 45-minute timed, multiple-choice test under their school’s supervision. The 2016 exam will be given between March 30 and April 15, 2016. Exam questions are based on topics and concepts covered in a typical high school physicscourse.

To enhance the distribution of awards, Division I is for first-year physics students and Division II is for second-year physics students. Each Division has 14 regions that have been established across the country to allow schools in each region to compete against one another. Specialized math and science schools compete in their own region.

Division: There are 2 divisions for students…

  • Division 01 - (Students will answer only questions 1 – 40)
    This is for students taking their first course in physics. The level of the course does not matter. Students taking AP Physics have an advantage in depth of material, but students in non-AP curriculum have an advantage of potentially discussing other topics on the contest that do not appear in the AP curriculum.
  • Division 02 -(Students will answer only questions 11 – 50)
    This is for students taking their 2nd physics course (or more)… OR students wishing a challenge… so anyone can take Div. 02
Winners are lists of
  • the overall top 10 students in each division
  • the overall top 5 schools in each division
  • the first and second place students in each division by region.
  • the top 4 schools in each region by division
  • a list of the top 20 student scores in each division that did not win a prize


攝影集訓班 Photography Camp 4/11-13/2016


Improving the skill of photography will help students’ school projects. Through the lens of the camera, they can see the different aspects of this world.  An excellent photo can express the inner heart  and also help with the college  application. SpringLight Education Institution will hold a Photography Class on 4/11- 4/13. Seats are limited so please register as soon as possible.

Time:9:00 am to 12:00 pm,  4/11-13/2016
Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd., #204,San Jose, CA 95129
Tuition Fee:$180.00
Qing Song graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Ph.D in Chemistry. He currently is a freelance photographer focusing on teaching and creating fine art. His portfolio includes portraits, children and family portraits, landscape scenery and macro photography.


     Song 1


4/11/2016  Day 1

  1. Introduction to Photography: A summary of major camera functions.
  2. Introduction on the factors of controlling the right exposure of a photo and the relationship of exposure triangle.
  3. Introduction on how to Frame a photo — Composition.
  4. Includes three photo shooting sessions.

4/12/2016 Day 2

  1. Photo Field Trip
  2. Photo review and selection of favorite photos
  3. Introduction to the new way of photo sharing: Flickr. Account set up included.
  4. Introduction to Adobe Lightroom (a photo processing software).

4/13/2016 Day 3

  1. Finish up introduction to Adobe Lightroom.

2.Brief photo editing for Photo show

3.Photo show and presentation

*Materials Needed:

  • Digital camera with manual
  • Laptop
  • Software: Adobe Lightroom 5 or 6
  • One image in RAW file

(* 為方便上班的父母,學生可以留下來到6:30pm。參加Reading Club 費用 $10.00/day)

Afternoon Reading Club :


我們 鼓励学生带自己喜愛的书来读。

*要參加Reading Club的学生在報名時請註明*

*Students are welcome to stay and join the Reading Club to 6:30pm if parents cannot come to pick up students after class. There will be a $10/day fee.

* Books can be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own books.


第三章      走进孩子的文化圈


—-雷吉 . 乔伊纳

《旧金山观察家报》专栏作家大卫 . 萨拉桑提醒道:“对于今天的孩子们来说,最重要的事情是,家长们怎样看待他们”。诚然,有时我像某些大人一样,能够迅速指出自己孩子的一些毛病。事实上,我很容易地把孩子们套进消极的模式之中:如缺乏责任感、不知感恩、自私自利等。我们之所以有这样的感受,有时是因为这些孩子成长的世界与我们的截然不同,他们生长在一个我们无法完全了解的世界。而对这一代人的正面评价也通常隐藏在疑云之后—–人们还是易于对不明就里的事物持否定态度。










2000年5月8日的《新闻周刊》发表了一篇对十几岁孩子的封面特写,题目是《一个只属于他们自己的世界》。文章中,沙仑 . 贝格利写了这样一段话:“千禧代的特征正在不断浮现。他们所处的时代,文化会不断变化以迁就他们的需要—–洗手间的换尿布桌、家庭轿车上的‘宝宝在车上’标志等等。然而,比起过去的几代人,千禧少年的生活更加不为大人们所干涉。”

在1998年出版的《一个分离的部落》一书中,帕特里夏 . 郝什指出,千禧代的孩子们比历史上任何时候的孩子拥有更多的私人时间。他们要么和朋友们呆在一起,要么呆在一个私人的世界里与网络游戏为伍,少受大人干涉。通常,他们在网上购物、找工作、做作业、做调查、发邮件、和朋友聊天。他们平均每周有38个小时在电脑或电视机前度过。据去年的艾尔弗雷德 . 皮 . 斯隆青少年与社会发展报告统计,除睡眠时间之外,十几岁的孩子们有9%的时间在校外和朋友们一起度过,20%的时间单独度过。也就是说他们近30%的时间是在大人们的视线外度过的。





这也和与另一代人建立联系会相当困难的情况相类似。家长与孩子来自两个截然不同的世界。从某种程度上来说,这本身也是一种夸文化关系,要比与同龄人的关系需要付出更多的努力。2000年5月,未来学家莱昂纳多 . 斯韦特提出若你已过三十,那你便是当前文化的“外来移民”。若你未满三十,则还算得上是“土著居民”。步入中年的人们会发觉自己像是停留在爱利斯岛上的外来移民,面对的是一个完全陌生的世界:媒体、电影、科技、千禧代的思维方式,都令人百思不得其解。









厄尔 . 帕默尔在《惊人的例外》一书中写到了位于旧金山的金门大桥。金门大桥直接伫立在安第斯山脉的断层带上,它之所以能伫立不倒是因为其长达一英里的悬浮力弹性极好,能够向左右摇摆20英尺之多。不仅如此,通过巧妙设计,大桥的每一部分—–包括混凝土桥面,钢架栏杆和十字衡量—-都毫无例外地靠着四通发达的缆线链接到两座高耸的巨塔和两块巨大的桥墩上。两座塔承担了大部分的重量,嵌在海下的岩石基座中。这样一来,整座桥就像是被一个巨大的锚固定在了水中。这就是秘密所在:弹性与基础。




我发现KISS的演唱会将会在我们城里举行。我研究了这个乐队,为他们印了一些材料,并决定找到他们要入住的宾馆。最后我知道了他们住在CAMELOT INN的628房间。我在电梯旁等了几个小时,在午夜时,我终于乘电梯到六楼,看到他们的保镖站在门外。他可是个大个头。我颤抖着走到他身边,盯着他的护膝,说道:“先生,我叫提姆 . 爱摩,是镇里的一个年轻牧师。我不是歌迷也不是什么怪人,如果您不介意的话,我想和乐队的四位成员谈几分钟。”










去年,我与公益组织“家庭智慧”的创始人雷吉 . 乔伊纳进行了一次富有启发性的对话。他向我讲述了“相关”这个词的定义:






1. 接触孩子的文化圈


2. 持守区别现时文化中恒久不变的东西


  • 诚实—-我们希望孩子们能坦诚地告诉我们任何事情。
  • 积极的态度—-我们相信无论处境如何,态度是一种选择。
  • 服务他人—-我们希望能尽力帮助周围有需要的人。
  • 责任感—-我们希望孩子能承担责任而非逃避。
  • 感恩之心—-我们希望孩子们对任何礼物(哪怕它微不足道,)都能心存感激。
  • 顺服—-我们希望孩子们能听从规定,哪怕他们不喜欢。


3. 创建领导才能训练营


4. 在孩子的世界里交流



5. 永远不自以为是,认为过去行得通的事今天也会行得通


6. 建立亲密关系而非控制




  • 你的孩子认为你和他的世界相关吗?
  • 你将如何融入文化之中而不是被文化所侵吞?
  • 请说出你认为可以建立并保持相关的一步。

Spring Break GO Camp 围棋春令营 April 11-15

Looking for a fun, meaningful spring break experience for your 1st to 8th graders? Our Spring Go Camp is your right choice. We provide a balance program under supervision of a talented young Go player. Campers are grouped into beginner and intermediate based on their skills development, while no experience is required for this camp.

Seats are limited to 10 students. Reserve a seat earlier!

Image result for 围棋 + kids


围棋是一项极具魅力,趣味无穷的高雅智力游戏,有益于提高青少年的抽象思维能力,培养其专注力。本次Spring Break营由5段棋手教授,开设启蒙基础班,1至8年级学生均可报名,无需经验。名额限10人,欲报从速。

SpringLight Spring Go Camp

April 11 – April 15, 2016

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 Introduction   Procedure for Playing Go Trapped or Safe Ending the Game The Rule of Go Go Proverbs for Beginners
9:50 Divide into Groups of Rank Play Game Groups Play Game Groups Play Game Groups Play Game Groups Play Game
10:15 Review Review Review Review Tournament
10:30 Snack- Hikaru No Go* Snack- Hikaru No Go* Snack- Hikaru No Go* Snack- Hikaru No Go* Snack- Hikaru No Go*
11:00 Go Problems Go Problems Go Problems Go Problems Tournament
11:30 Group Game Simul Group Game Simul Tournament

Winner of tournament will receive prizes!

Will go over important topics such as Liberties, Ladder, Rules, How to Win, Etiquette and Courtesy (礼节), Joseki, Ko, Return Capture, and Eye Shape.

*Hikaru No Go (Weiqi Cartoon) (Videos from Youtube and Books)

 Apr 11-15th 2016   9:30am-12:00pm

@Springlight Education Institute

1340 S. De Anza Blvd, Suite 204,  San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: 408-366-2204, SpringLightEdu@gmail.com

Fee: $188 Weekly Includes Snacks

Registration :  https://goo.gl/C0iOSk

Daniel Liu, 5D  

Daniel won 2nd place in Young Lion Go Tournament, 2nd place in US School Go Tournament and 3rd place in Ing’s Cup Youth Goe Tournament in  2015. Lead Lynbrook high school to win 2nd place in high school go tournament. 3rd place in 2012 US Youth Go Championship (USYGC) in Junior Division, 2nd place (representing Miller Middle School) in 2013 US School Team Go Tournament. The most important skill Daniel learned from go is how to concentrate and solve problem logically.

Daniel Liu 美国围棋协会业余5段。Daniel 师从江鸣久学习围棋已经10年了,参加过很多地区和全国性的比赛(美国公开赛,应氏杯,江铸久杯,Costen 公开赛),都取得了优异的成绩。他在2012年全美青少年围棋冠军赛中名列少年组第三,2013年作为队长代表Miller中学参加全美学校围棋比赛,取得第二名的成绩。2015年代表Lynbrook队获得高中组第二名,应氏杯获得青少年第3名。从围棋中,Daniel提高了专注和逻辑推理能力。


(* 為方便上班的父母,學生可以留下來到6:30pm。參加Reading Club 費用 $10.00/day)

Afternoon Reading Club :


我們 鼓励学生带自己喜愛的书来读。

*要參加Reading Club的学生在報名時請註明*

*Students are welcome to stay and join the Reading Club to 6:30pm if parents cannot come to pick up students after class. There will be a $10/day fee.* Books can be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own books.


保证满意: 4月11-15日 创意思维训练&創意戲劇训练营

Modern public education, while valuable, emphasizes questions to which there is only one right answer.  Employers, leaders, and entrepreneurs need to come up with multiple effective solutions to a given problem: they need to be creative.

Guaranteed: Students will be happy and satisfied with this class. 


SpringLight‘s Creative and Critical Thinking Camp will provide students with the opportunity to exercise and expand their creative skills in a team-focused environment, developing the skills necessary to excel in today’s economy.

During this year’s winter break, we’re gonna have a blast building earthquake-proof houses, hulking big towers, egg protecting devices, and the most efficient human-powered ball passing machinery ever seen!

Students will practice the following necessary life-skills:


*Critical Thinking

*Problem Solving

*Team Work

*Clear Communication


This is our creative drama section! We will learn improvisation games, recite famous monologues, and express ourselves through voice and body language. We’ll even have a chance to write and perform our own skits!

Students will practice the following necessary life-skills:

*Public Speaking

*Clear Communication


*Team Work

*Problem Solving


Time : 9:30-2:00pm, 4/11-15/2016,  M-F

9:30-11:30 First section, Creative and Critical Thinking Training.

12:00-2:00 Second section, Drama Camp

Students can sign up for one or both sections.

Location: 1340 De Anza Blvd., #204, San Jose, CA 95129

Tuition: $200.00 for one session only. $385 for both of the sessions. Refer a student get $10 credit.

Contact: 408-366-2204, spring.light.office@gmail.com

Register: https://goo.gl/k70xk5

Ages: 9-14

(* 為方便上班的父母,學生可以留下來到6:30pm。參加Reading Club 費用 $10.00/day)

Afternoon Reading Club :


我們 鼓励学生带自己喜愛的书来读。

*要參加Reading Club的学生在報名時請註明*

*Students are welcome to stay and join the Reading Club to 6:30pm if parents cannot come to pick up students after class. There will be a $10/day fee.* Books can be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own books.


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