注: 2月13日, 林书豪拒绝多家著名媒体要求,接受了旧金山湾区一家著名的报纸《圣荷西水星报》(San Jose Mercury News)的独家采访, 条件是所有采访问题只局限在有关他信仰和属灵方面。我觉得这篇文章可能不太会被传播太广, 但对全面了解林书豪有很大帮助。 我把这篇文章翻译了,放在这里。 不对之处, 欢迎砸砖。 


Exclusive: Jeremy Lin says faith in God triggered ‘Lin-sanity’


When you see Jeremy Lin smiling on the court, tongue wagging, it’s not just because his New York Knicks have won five in a row. It’s not just because the Bay Area kid has become an out-of-nowhere national sensation, putting up big numbers night after night.
Lin is smiling, primarily, because he feels like he has been delivered.

当你看到林书豪在篮球场上开心大笑, 吐舌头作怪象的时候, 这并不是因为他所在的纽约尼克队连赢五场. 也不是因为这个不知道从打哪儿冒出来的湾区毛头小子一夕之间带来的全国性轰动。是的, 他的风头和积分在不断上升。 林笑了, 哈, 这主要的原因呢, 是他觉得他被解救了!(注:delivered 特指旧约圣经中以色列人被上帝从苦难中搭救的意思。)

"Sometimes you come up against a mountain and you end up making the mountain seem bigger than God," said Lin, who spoke with this newspaper via phone on the condition that questions be limited to the issue of his spirituality.

“有时你碰到了一座高山, 而这座高山你会把它看成比上帝(神)更大. ” 此间,林接受了”圣何西水星报”的电话采访, 但他接受采访的条件是, 所有采访问题只局限在有关他自己信仰和属灵方面。

Last year when he was playing for the Warriors, "I was on pins and needles. I was putting all this unnecessary pressure on myself. Now, I feel like I’m free
out there."

谈到去年他在为勇士队打球的时候, 林书豪说, “我那时如坐针毡, 我把所有不必要的压力都扛在自己身上. 但是现在, 我已经从中得到了自由释放。 ”

He can no longer stroll anonymously down the streets of New York, but Lin has found peace. He is bombarded with interview requests (even David Letterman got turned down), yet Lin is experiencing a sense of ease he’s never before felt.
His devout Christianity, bred at the Chinese Church in Christ in Mountain View, has been his guide since he was young. But Lin admits these last few months were a test unlike any before.

现在他已经不能在纽约的大街上随意行走而不被人认出, 但是他已经得到了平安。他连珠炮似地被媒体轰炸(他甚至推掉了大卫。来特曼的节目: 注: 美知名度极高的名人秀)。但林现在真正着经历他从来不曾有过的轻松的感觉。他有着敬虔的基督教信仰。 这种信仰滋长与位于山景城(美国旧金山湾区 一城市)的“山景城基督徒会堂” (注: 该教会网站: http://ccic.org/mv_ch/index.htm), 这信仰在他年少的时候就开始引导着他的人生。但林书豪承认, 这过去的几个月来, 他经历了他从来没有过的试探和考验。 

Sucker punched by the cold business of the NBA — playing for his third team in a year — Lin suffered in silence. Before he was the talk of the sports world, before he was crowned star of the Knicks, Lin was ridden with doubt and anxiety. So he doubled down on his commitment to God.

And without that, he believes, there would be no Lin-sanity.

在冷冰而无情的NBA商业机制中, 林曾经象一个傻瓜一样不断受到拳打脚踢。他无声地忍受着这些折磨, 在一年当中他换了三个球队。 实际上,在他成为整个世界篮球迷们谈论的焦点之前, 在他成为尼克队的带冕明星之前,林书豪被怀疑和焦虑困扰不已。因此, 林书豪狠狠地赌了一把,将赌注完全放在自己对上帝的委身上面。 (double down 是玩扑克牌时候,加倍赌注的一种方法)

如果没有这个委身奉献, 林书豪相信, 就不会有所谓的 “林来疯”。

What the country sees is a Cinderella story, Lin’s meteoric rise from the NBA Development League to unstoppable star. But for Lin, it’s a story of faith, the beautiful struggle he’s now convinced he can win. Most importantly, it’s a story of how he’ll be completely fine if he doesn’t.

现在,整个国家看到的是一个灰姑娘的故事:林书豪从NBA职业赛上闪电般成名,成为一颗无法阻止的耀眼明星。 然而, 对林书豪而言, 这却是个信心的故事, 对他来说,这是一场美好的争战, 并且,他知道他一定能够得胜。最重要的是, 这个故事的重点在于, 即使他没有赢得胜利, 他也将会泰然处之。 

"I’m not playing to prove anything to anybody," Lin said. "That affected my game last year and my joy last year. With all the media attention, all the love from the fans (in the Bay Area), I felt I needed to prove myself. Prove that I’m not a marketing tool, I’m not a ploy to improve attendance. Prove I can play in this league. But I’ve surrendered that to God. I’m not in a battle with what everybody else thinks anymore."
It took some time, some rough nights, long prayers and countless Bible studies. Lin confided in his pastor, Stephen Chen. 

“我现在打球不是向任何人证明自己,” 林书豪说。“去年这曾经影响我的比赛和情绪, 看到媒体的关注, 粉丝的关爱,我觉得我需要去证明自己。证明我不是市场的工具,不是增加观众的手段,证明我有在NBA比赛的能力。但是现在,我把自己全然交托给上帝。 我不再像任何人认为的那样在战斗了。” 这种心态的改变需要陪上时间,一些不平静的夜晚, 还有持续漫长的祷告, 以及无数的圣经研读。林书豪的牧师 Stephen Chen最知道其中的过程。

"It was hard. I could make him no promises," Chen said. "To trust what God is doing is definitely a lesson that Jeremy is continuing to learn and not to trust in his results."
“这很难。我不能对他作任何许诺。” 陈牧师说。 “信靠上帝的作为是林书豪一直在学习的功课,而不是要相信你要的结果。 “ 

The first body blow came Dec. 9. Disappointed in his rookie campaign, which saw him average 2.6 points in 9.8 minutes with the Warriors, Lin said he went all out during the offseason.

第一次的打击在12月9号那天。 林书豪在勇士队的表现很菜鸟,在9.8分钟内只有2.6的平均得分。 他在整个训练期都不被看好而出局。 

But before he ran a drill under new coach Mark Jackson, he was pulled from practice. General manager Larry Riley told Lin he was being waived for business reasons — the Warriors were making a play for the center they desperately needed and were forced to clear salary space.

That didn’t take away the sting.

Two days later, Lin hopped a plane to Houston with a heavy heart after they claimed him off waivers.

The fresh start didn’t do much to help Lin’s anguish. The Rockets had so many guards on the roster, Lin said he couldn’t get reps in practice. In two preseason games with Houston, he totaled 7 minutes, 51 seconds.

在他可以在新教练 Mark Jackson指导下练练球之前, 他就从球队练习中开除了。 总管 Larry Riley告诉他这是商业上的考量: 勇士队迫切需要一鸣惊人,要留位给一名高价位的明星。


两天之后, 林书豪带着沉重的心情登上了去休斯顿的飞机, 因为他被勇士队炒鱿鱼了。

这个全新的开始并没有为林书豪解脱他的困境和痛苦。火箭队的名单上也已经排着太多的后卫了。 林书豪说他没有得到练球时应有的重复和重点训练。在两个赛季前的比赛中, 他只上场7分51秒。 

"At the time, I was thinking if this doesn’t work out, I maybe needed to take a break from basketball," Lin said. "I put in four months of training. I felt like I worked harder than anyone else. And now I was fighting for a chance to practice. I was questioning everything."

林书豪说,“那时候我在想,如果一切都没有结果, 那我就要暂时停止打篮球,休息一段时间。我花了四个月的时间在训练自己。 我觉得我比谁都努力。可那时我只是为了争取一个练习的机会。我开始怀疑一切。”

On Christmas Eve, it happened again. Lin was waived. Same deal — the team needed to release him so they could throw big money at a big man.

Lin headed back to the Bay Area defeated, but with a renewed purpose. He gave up trying to control everything. He tried to stop worrying.

圣诞节前夕, 这一切不如意又发生了。 林又被火箭队释放炒鱿鱼。同样的理由, 球队需要释放他以便找到更加大牌的球员。 

林书豪以失败的方式回到了湾区, 但这次他有了一个新的目的。 他放弃去控制一切, 他试图去停止担忧。

He started every morning with a devotional before heading to the gym to work out. 

在去球馆训练之前, 他开始了每天早上的晨更。 (注:晨更指清晨的读圣经和祷告)

Whenever the anxiety tried to creep in, he whispered a Bible verse to himself:
And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose. — Romans 8:28

每当焦虑开始偷偷侵袭他的时候, 他就对自己默默读出以下的圣经经文: “我們知道万事都互相效力、叫爱神的人得益处、就是按他旨意被召的人。”

Even with the glittery trappings that can accompany an NBA lifestyle, Lin’s devoutness has always been his compass, friends say.

林书豪的朋友们说, 即使是在眼花缭乱的NBA生活方式陷阱下, 林书豪的虔诚是他没有迷失方向的原因。 
"In high school, a few of us were known to party on Friday nights after the games. Jeremy was known for teaching the bible to kids and spending time with his family," said his Palo Alto High teammate Brad Lehman. "None of the usual distractions were an issue for him."

”高中的时候,我们当中不少人都是在周五比赛结束后参加派对热闹一下,可林书豪要不是教孩子们圣经,或者就是和他的家人一起度过周末。所有这些在年轻人看来的正常干扰对他来说都不是问题。 “ 他的高中队友 Brad Lehman说。 

Three days after being waived by the Rockets, Lin was picked up by the Knicks, just in time for him to join the team in the Bay Area. He suited up and made his Knicks debut at Oracle Arena, playing 1 minute, 27 seconds, missing his only shot.

被火箭队炒鱿鱼的3天之后, 尼克队挑选了林书豪。正好他可以在家乡的湾区比赛, 林书豪一开始表现不赖,他出场一分钟27秒,他投了一个球,没有投中。 

Certainly no immediate signs of the Lin-sanity to come.


"I was playing garbage minutes the first two to three weeks," Lin said. "There was definitely a little bit of "what’s going on?" in my prayers.

“在开始的两三周内, 我只是打了毫无意义垃圾般的几分钟。 这到底是怎么回事?我会在我的祷告中这样问。”

Lin was eventually sent back to the NBA’s hinterlands — the D-League — for the fourth time in his career. But he wouldn’t stay long. The Knicks brought him back after he logged a triple-double in his first game.

林书豪后来又被降级打发到NBA培养基地-- the D-League。(NBA Development League) 这是他第四次受到这样的待遇。但他没有呆很长时间。 看到在林的第一场比赛出色的 triple-double 表现,尼克又把他招了回来。

Then, on Feb. 4, at halftime of a home game against New Jersey, injured Knicks star Carmelo Anthony suggested to coach Mike D’Antoni that he play Lin more in the second half.

2月4号,比赛进行到一半的时候, 受伤的尼克大牌队友 Carmelo Anthony向教练建议, 他可以和林在下半场配合更多。 

Lin responded by finishing with 25 points and seven assists in a win.


After that first big game, Lin became a starter. After the second one, he became the talk of the nation. After the third one, he was a Hall of Famer in the making.

第一次出色的比赛之后, 林书豪开始出发了。 第二次之后, 他成了全国的话题, 第三次, 他就是冉冉上升的名星。 

"I know he’s a humble guy who works hard every day whether he’s playing 40 minutes or 4 minutes, so that will never change," said Stephen Curry, his former Warriors teammate.

“我知道林书豪是一个谦卑的人, 无论是打4分钟还是40分钟, 他都是尽力而为, 这永远不会改变。” 他的前勇士队队友 Stephen Curry说。

Now, the Knicks are 5-0 with Lin running the show. He’s gone from having a non-guaranteed minimum contract and sleeping on his brother’s couch to having America’s biggest market now concerned the Knicks can’t pay him enough to keep him.
But even Lin admits the constant struggle he faces. Deep inside he knows it is bigger than him.

现在, 尼克队因为林书豪5连胜。 他已经从不能确定合同续签, 睡在他哥哥沙发上的窘迫, 摇身一变,占据了美国最大的市场。唯一担心的恐怕是尼克队可能付不起林书豪了。 但是, 林书豪却承认他内心仍然有不断的挣扎。 但他知道有一位比他更大。 (注: 暗喻上帝)
"There is so much temptation to hold on to my career even more now," Lin said. "To try to micromanage and dictate every little aspect. But that’s not how I want to do things anymore. I’m thinking about how can I trust God more. How can I surrender more? How can I bring him more glory?”

"It’s a fight. But it’s one I’m going to keep fighting."

“现在会有更多的诱惑伴随我的职业生涯,牵制并影响我生活的每一个层面。但这不是我想要的做事方式。我在想我应该怎样更加依靠上帝。 怎样才能更加交托(给上帝)? 怎样才能为他(上帝)带来更多的荣耀?”

“这是一场争战。 但我必须一直战斗下去。”


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