People are strange

   People are strange. We will never be happy.

   In our case, when work is busy, we are stressed out. We lose our patience, we are focused on our files, we talk rudely on the phone and everything has to be rushed. After we finish a day’s work, just look at our faces,they are not pretty anymore. Our hair stands up and our eyes are red and we also look ten years older. We pray to God and hope that business can slow down so we can take a break. 

   Now our wishes have come true. The business has slowed!In fact, it has even stopped. Oh my God! How could you make that happen? We are totally free.

   Originally, we thought we will celebrate. However, we are so bored out of our minds. Every morning, when we come to work, we don’t know what to do that day. It is difficult to find something to do to kill the time. Don’t think we can relax to do our own thing! Actually, we have to pretend we are still busy. Oh,kill us!

   We call the agents all the time to send us conditions so we can complete our stupid files and send them out to the next group which we call the closing department so they can suffer. But things never work out the way you want them to. When we finish our routine work, we think we can go home but we look at the clock and realize the day is far from over.

   Since we can not go home, we have to do some thing because we are human, not robots. The workplace social life is more active lately. We have more time to talk about kids,husbands, complaints, shopping and other interests. We also have more time for parties, outside lunches and food. Even though some of these changes are fun, in the end we still are bored. We call the agent again. 

   OK, so now what? We are not happy when work is too busy and we are not happy when work is too slow.

   What is our dream work day? Let me tell you. 呵呵。人真的很奇怪

   Every morning, after finishing my housework, I would come to office around 10:00 am and say “good morning” to everybody nicely with my smile. I would then go to get coffee and chat with friends and compliment them about their looks and dress, afterwords, I would check my e-mail and respond. This would take more than ten minutes.

   After all this, I can finally start to work. In my drawer there would be only three files and all the conditions would be provided. I would clear these conditions smoothly. It would take about a half hour to complete each. Once the file gets complete, I would send out to closing department. It would actually be fun.

   Between each file, I would make a phone call to my friend and chat for a bit. After the third phone call, I would glance at my watch and it would already be lunchtime. I would call my co-worker, who is also my best friend, to go out to lunch at my favorite restaurant. At lunch, I would order whatever I want and eat it all too and never get fat.

   After a wonderful lunch and conversation with my friend, I look at my watch again and see that we still have plenty of time to go shopping. At the mall, I find lots of discounts and I buy a dress that I have been waiting for. The best part is that the dress is 90% off so I buy two. Holding my shopping bag, I head back to work.

   When I get back to office, there are two new files sitting on my desk. I open them and take a look. To my surprise, they are both agency refinances (Agency loan is the easiest loan to process. No income, assets, and appraisal documentation is required.). So I sit down and spend one hour validating these two files. The afternoon is the time when I am most focused. After validation, I give my agent a call to update her on the progress of her files. She tells me, “Wow! You are doing such a great job. You are the best loan processor ever!” I feel happy too.

   So I decide to go outside to take a walk in the beautiful sunshine. It is not really hot outside, there is a gentle breeze, the wind softly blows my hair back, the sun is warm on my face. I think to myself, “Life is so beautiful! I am so lucky, I really appreciate the simple things in my life.”

   Walking back, I feel totally energized and refreshed. I hum a little song to myself as I walk to the elevator. Before I step in, I bump into my friend and she says, “Hi Tina, you look great today,” as she walks by. I just smile and go back to my desk.

   When I get back to my cubicle, I remember that the manager has already left for an off-site meeting. I glance at watch again, it is a little too early to go home but who cares, I am the best worker and the manager really loves me so it does not matter. I start packing my stuff. Right before leaving, I check my paycheck on the company computer system. I am delighted to find out I received a great bonus.

   As I leave to go home, I am looking forward to eating with my family. As I am thinking about this, I have a smile that stretches from ear to ear.

   What a great day today!人真的很奇怪





   就拿我们的工作来说吧,当工作繁忙的时候,我们整个人就忙的几乎变了型。我们失去耐心,专注于手头的卷宗,讲电话的口气很粗鲁,每件事都在赶赶赶。一天的 工作下来,再看看自己的脸,哪里还有什么可爱娇媚可言,头发也根根直立,眼睛发红,年龄看起来比原先都老了十岁以上。我们向上帝祷告:希望生意能缓慢下 来,让我们可以好好地喘口气。 


   通常来讲,我们应该为自由庆祝才是,但是,出乎意料之外,我们进入了无法想象的无聊状态。每天早晨我们来上班,但是我们不知道有什么可以做的。找一件事情 来做地打法时间其实是很困难的事情。不要想着我们可以真正放松去做自己喜欢的事情,哦,不。事实上,我们不得不假装还像以前一样忙碌。哦,杀了我们吧。

   我们照往常一样,给那些贷款经纪人打电话,问他们索要需要的客户材料,然后好把这些讨厌的卷宗递交给下面一个Closing部门去, 让他们去痛苦抓狂。但是事情总不会像我们想象的那样进行。好不容易做完了手头固定的工作,抬头一看挂钟,NND,离这一天的结束还早着呢。

    既然我们无法提前回家,我们就必须找些事情做才对,因为我们是人不是机器。工作场合最后就变成了社交场合。我们有更多的时间谈论孩子,老公,客户,逛街 以及其他有趣的事情。我们也有更多的时间聚会,外出吃午餐 和买零食。即使是这些改变能让我们感觉一时的 开心, 但是最终还是感觉无聊无趣。于是,我们就拿起电话再给贷款经纪人打电话。


    什么是我们梦想的工作呢?让我来告诉你。呵呵 (开始痴人说梦)人真的很奇怪 

   每天早上,当我做完家务活以后,我大概10点钟左右来到班上。我非常 礼貌温柔地挂着微笑,对每一个人说着“早上好。” 然后我去倒一杯咖啡,和朋友聊聊天,寒暄一下他们的容貌和衣着。话说完了,我开始检查我自己的伊妹儿,回复一下。这大概用去十分钟的时间。 

   做完这些私活以后,我开始工作。在我的抽屉里, 最好只放三个卷宗正好,而且这三个卷宗都是完整的材料齐全的,我可以很顺利地就操作完毕不必费神。每一个卷宗需要半个小时来处理。等我忙完我该做的,我把它们送到下一个Closing部门去让他们忙活。这是很有意思的事情。



   正当我赶回公司,有两个新进来的贷款卷宗正好放在我的桌上。我打开一看,出乎我的意料,两个卷宗都是“Agency Refinances 这中类型的贷款最容易审批。不查收入,不查财产,也不用评估房屋估价)。于是,我好好地坐下来, 专心地审核这两个不用动脑的贷款申请。下午的这个时间是我这一天唯一最专心的时间。做完以后,我打电话告诉她都搞定啦。于是我听到她说:“ 哇!你做得太棒啦。你是我见过的 最好的审核员。” 这时,我也感到开心满足。

   于是,我决定到外面明媚的阳光下走一走。外面不是很热,空气清新,清风柔柔地吹着我的头发,阳光温暖着我的脸庞。我心中暗想:“ 生活是多么的美好。我真的幸运。我真的感谢简单的事物就在我的生命当中。” 

   散步回来,我感觉浑身充满了能量和活力。我哼着小调往电梯那里走。进电梯之前,我串门到我的好朋友那里,只听她说:“ 嗨红花,你今天看起来气色真不错。” 从她那里走开,我微笑着重新回到我的办公桌旁。

   回到我的工作间,我想起来了, 主管有一个会议早就离开了。我又瞄一眼手表,回家呢好像嫌早了些但是管他呢,谁叫我是最好的员工而且主管总是偏爱我,没事儿的。我开始整理我的东西。离开之前,我上公司网站看看我这个月的薪水如何。我高兴地发现我收到了很不错的奖金哦。


    多么美妙的一天啊!(哈哈哈, 整个一个白日做梦。)人真的很奇怪

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