USACO Silver Class will start from 1/17/14.

2014 US Computing Olympiad Contest Schedule 
Jan 10-13: January Contest
Feb 7-10: February Contest
Mar 7-10: March Contest
April 4-7: US Open

May 22-31: Training Camp
July 13-20: IOI’14 in Taipei, Taiwan

完整扎实装备,快速冲刺金级 ———— 到春晖教育!

Time: 1/17-3/28, Friday, 7:00-9:00pm (12 lessons)
Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd, Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129
Contact: 408-366-2204, 408-480-7547, 408-981-8508,
Fee: $600 (5% discount for returning students, 5% discount for students in multiple classes)
1/17 Intro to graph theory
1/24 Shortest Paths I
1/31Shortest Paths II
2/14 Minimum Spanning Trees
2/18 Sweep lines
2/19 Dynamic Programming I
2/20 Dynamic Programming II
2/21 Dynamic Programming III
2/28 Greedy
3/14 Binary Search on the Answer
3/21 Computational Geometry
3/28 Assorted Tricks
Instructor: Jimmy Zeng

MIT early action admitted
USACO finalist (2013)
USACO gold division (2012-2013)
Gunn High Programming Contest: 1st (2012), 2nd(2013)
Harker Programming Invitational: 1st (2012), 2nd(2013)
Lynbrook Exemplary Student Award for AP Computer Science (2012)
Physics Olympiad Semifinalist (2013)
Science Olympiad: silver medal (2011), gold medal (2013)

C++ is preferred and the class will mostly be taught in C++, but JAVA students are welcome too. We will be teaching algorithms, so students of differing programming languages can all learn and understand.

Students should still take the other monthly USACO contest that occur before the class is over, since it’s good practice and always a good idea to take every USACO if possible

USACO 历年参加人数及得奖结果统计
USACO 11月的比赛揭晓,春晖教育学生成绩斐然

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