Precalculus class 在春晖教育

Precalculus是在Alg II/Trig. 之后,学习AP Calculus 之前的一门课。在一些高中,Precalculus 的内容不多,有一部分是review Alg II/Trig 的内容。对于现在正在学习Alg II/Trig,学校功课不错的学生,如果数学要加快学习,今年秋天要学 AP Calculus,现在是很好的时机开始学习Precalculus。这样在暑假学生可以做自己想要做的事。

我们马上将开始两个Precalculus 的课。

一个会在1月17日开始,每周六晚。1 对1,$50/hr。2人group,$30/hr. 3人,$25/hr. 4人以上$20/hr. 保证满意

教师Andrew Cui。他现在正在春晖教育教的AIME课非常受欢迎。他认真负责,不仅教给学生很清晰的解题思路,上课和同学也有很好的互动。每个学生和每位旁听了他讲课的家长都对他的教学非常高的评价。

联络报名:408-366-2204, 408-480-7547,

If you have taken Algebra 2/Trigonometry or Math Analysis, you can take this Pre-Calculus Honors class at SpringLight Education.

 Benefit of this class:

1. SAT subject test: After this class, you just need to do several practice tests, then you will be ready to take SAT math test subject in fall.

2. Lynbrook High School students can take the challenge test on August 6th. and then next school year direct take AP Calculus BC with strong foundation.

3. You to take Calculus in the next school year.

4. It will improve your GPA at next school year.

Instructor: Andrew Cui
Andrew Cui is the top senior at Lynbrook High school  with experience teaching Mathcounts classes at Miller Middle and has done extensive tutoring through Lynbrook’s STARR program as well SpringLight. He is teaching AIME group class at SpringLight.
In addition he has performed well on multiple math and science contests. He is also an officer of Lynbrook’s math club.

• USAMO 2014 (top 266 in nation)
• USAJMO 2013 (top 231 9th and 10th graders in nation)
• AIME 2011-2014 top score of 11 (354th in nation by score)
• USAPHO silver 2014
• BAMO 2nd place 2011 HM 2012
• SCVMA – Santa Clara Valley Math

10th Place Calculus(2014)
 1st Place Pre-Calculus (2013)
6th Place Algebra II (2012)

Finally, Andrew has taken 8 AP’s including all three Physics, Calc BC, and Computer Science with all 5’s.


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