Fed May End QE at Year End, Take Action Before It Does. Most Rates ( 15 yr ) Bottom Low, Jumbo Cashout or IO OK

Happy New Year !
In December, the FOMC planed to keep the benchmark rate near zero until unemployment falls below 6.5 percent and as long as inflation remains below 2.5 percent. But "Several (officials) thought that it would probably be appropriate to slow or to stop purchases well before the end of 2013, citing concerns about financial stability or the size of the $2.9 trillion balance sheet," the minutes said.

Bernanke mentioned that two other potential triggers to an end to bond buying: If purchases lose potency for stimulus or increase financial market risk. Bearing in mind that With purchases at a rate of $85 billion a month, the Fed’s balance sheet would grow by $1.02 trillion this year from $2.92 trillion now. Some Analyst said:the Fed may decide to shrink the pace of purchases around mid-year and continue at a slower rate into 2014. By the time Fed slows or stops QE, mortgage rate will hike much higher. If you have not refinanced your mortgage, you may want to take action asap and grab the historical low rate before if flies.

The market has reacted dramatically in the past week, 10 yr bond has jumped to an 8 month high at 1.9% Now.

Current mortgage rates, ARM programs get worse, 30 year fixed has up, 15 yr fixed is back to the historical bottom with today’s improvement.

Great news for Jumbo mortgage borrowers, ARM, Fixed Rates are still very low, and it has the great options like cash out to LTV 65%, or Interest Only to relieve the principle burden.


Current no point, no fee best rates for qualified OO borrowers:


                                           5/1 ARM      7/1 ARM      15 yr fixed       30 yr fixed


Conforming                     2.625%       2.75%            2.5%                3.25%
up to $417k
Super Conforming        2.625%         3%                2.75%              3.5%
up to $625.5k
(Qualifications: LTV <= 60%, FICO score >= 740, high loan amount, impound, no subordination, <= 4 loaned properties)
Jumbo                              2.75%          3.125%         3.375%           3.875%
(the Jumbo ARM rates were the lowest time rate, currently not available )
up to $2million ( best rate for < $1m, LTV < 65%, min 760 )
Rate varies based on loan amount, loan to value ratio, FICO score, program and terms, etc. Investment property rate is also at historical low.
Please feel free to call or email to get your best quotations. 
Special Programs You May Need:
Jumbo Loans: up to $3 million loan amount, up to 80% LTV
Investors: up to 10 properties, no 2 year landlord history, cash out, no cost refinance for fixed rate.
Special Programs: Unlimited LTV HARP 2 for under water properties, 97% LTV conventional loan, 96.5% LTV FHA loan, Self-employed, 1 year working history, foreign income. reverse mortgage.

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