生物课(Honors Biology) 是一门高中课程,春晖教育开的这门课却是针对初中生的。这是不是有点儿拔苗助长的意思?

作为WASC(http://www.acswasc.org)accredited 的教育机构,春晖开设的每门课都是有品质保证的,为初中生开这门生物课自然也有它的道理。


在极受大学招生官青睐,竞争激烈的Science Bowl、Science Olympiad 等比赛中,拔得头筹的往往是那些有着丰富扎实的生物知识的参赛者。Lynbrook和Harker 高中的Science Bowl  team 在近几年的比赛中名列前茅,其中的不少队员都是在初中时期就开始学习生物的。



春晖的生物老师Mrs. Webster 在注重教育的传统犹太家庭中长大,大学主修生物,后获得生物硕士学位。 幽默风趣的Mrs. Webster有着十多年的教学经验,她的教学生动活泼,非常注重培养学生的兴趣,从她的课堂走出来的学生个个都爱上了生物。

想更多地了解Mrs. Webster以及所有与Biology有关的AP、SATII、USABO等课程与竞赛,请看这个Video




时间:7:00-9:00pm, 3/7 to 6/6. 每周二 (根据学生需求可以调整到其他周一到周四晚)

学费:$600/14 lessons

地点:20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 7, Cupertino, CA 95014


2016 Fall USABO, AP Bio classes, register today!

SpringLight Education was accredited by ACS WASC ( Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges). We offer high quality education services for you.

Mrs. Webster will give two biology classes: USABO, AP Biology this fall.

She is one of the most popular teachers at SpringLight. Read the students’ review for her below.

Watch her sample class video at https://youtu.be/qUoAU59Losg.

Register the biology classes at https://goo.gl/F7uO7p.

We offer one trial class, and if you are not satisfied after one class, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for that class.
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AP Biology class

Meeting every weekend throughout the fall semester, this class will cover the entire AP Biology course as laid out by the College Board.
(The class is appropriate for students who are currently taking AP Biology or who are self-studying for the exam.)
Students will gain a complete, in-depth understanding of all required AP Biology concepts, as well as plenty of practice and feedback.
All past students have scored well on their exams, even 9th graders and self-studiers.

USABO class
This class is for highly motivated USABO competition students (including the USABO students who started over the summer).
As recommended by the USABO organization, we will be covering every single chapter in the Campbellbiology book (the official book of the competition).  This means students may need to read and review up to 5 chapters a week.
(SpringLight will also offer an in-depth “taking all the exams from previous years” class in Jan-Feb, 2017.)
Our previous students have been extremely successful:
*all our students scored above 20 on the regional (the cutoff for nationals was 23.88)
*50% of our students made it to semifinals
*2 of our students have made it to finals (top 20 in the US)

Instructor Mrs. Webster: With over 10 years of tutoring and editing experience, Mrs. Webster teaches biology, test prep, and writing(including application writing).  Funny, articulate, and knowledgeable, she is often called “the best teacher” by her students.
Mrs. Webster’s students have been very successful indeed: her application-writing students have been accepted to Ivy League schools; her USABO students have made it to nationals; her ACT students have achieved dramatic, 10 point increases in their scores—and sometimes even perfect scores.
Raised by Jewish tiger parents, Mrs. Webster earned a BS in biology with a minor in studio art from Lake Forest College, IL. She then studied neuroscience at UAB and received an MS in biomedical science.​

AP Biology and SAT II Exam prep class

Is your student ready for the AP Biology test?
There is a lot of materials covered by AP exam–now it’s time to begin reviewing!  Our class supports students with an organized review structure.An excellent HS teacher may be sufficient to help your child prepare, but many HS teachers neglect to consult the College Board website, teaching students either too little or too much information for the AP test.  Therefore, SpringLight’s test-prep class reviews not only the essential materials, but reviews them thoroughly.Many students feel that they need more practice for the Free Response section of the test (which is 50% of the overall score!). Therefore, SpringLight’s test-prep class assigns weekly Free Response questions and provides each student with detailed, individual feedback.
In SpringLight’s test prep class, students will:
-complete several practice essays each week
-receive detailed, individual feedback on each essay
thoroughly review textbook information essential for the AP test
practice AP-style multiple choice questions organized by subject
AP Biology (5/9 test date) 3/5/16 to 5/7/16 6:30-9:00pm $800/10 sessions Saturdays
Biology SAT II 3/12/16 to 5/28/16 10:00am-12:00pm $750/12 sessions Saturdays
Biology for Middle School Student 2/8/16 to 5/30/16 6:30-8:00pm $700/16 sessions Mondays
*We offer private lessons for all different levels of biology classes. $80/hr for AP and SATII, $60/hr for regular biology
SpringLight has very strong experienced biology teachers!
Our AP biology students last year has high ratio get score 5 and 4 (The student who didn’t have AP biologybackground got Score 4) .
SAT biology students got score 720(from 600) to 800.
1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129

USABO Boot Camp 12/19/15-1/3/16

The next USABO Open exam will be from Feb. 2nd to Feb. 12th, 2016
Semifinal Exam will be from March 14 to 18, 2016.

USABO 的考期越來越逼近,你們的小孩準備好要考試了嗎?今年是春暉第三年籌辦USABO的训练,累積過去兩年的經驗和學生的努力相信今年我們的成績將會更亮眼。春暉第一年有一半以上參加USABO训练的學生進入了semifinalists,其中有一名更進入了finalist。去年有更多的學生進入semifinalists。 USABO Boot Camp特 為你的孩子預備了考前密集複習,聘請認真負責的老師來訓練學生。春暉往年得獎的學生將會把他們的經驗分享在他們設計的考題上,利用這些考題和解題的方式來訓練學生,讓他們可以獲取好的成績。座位有限,請早報名。

Time:12/19-1/3/16, 9:30am-12:30pm (12/24,25 and 12/31,1/1/16 no class)
Address: 1340 S.De Anza Blvd., #204, San Jose, CA 95129
Tuition:$900.00(12 Lessons)


Course Description

Each 3-hour course will cover 2 of the main topics that will be covered in the USABO open exam. Topics will be distributed according to their weight on the exam, so some topics will appear in more lessons than others. Lessons will emphasize working and explaining questions from past exams, but will also include teaching and reinforcing important concepts using the AP Biology book, materials from Stanford biology courses, and other resources.


Jack Takahashi is a Junior studying Biology at Stanford University. He has completed courses in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology, Pulmonology/Respiration, Ecology & Evolution, Plant Biology, Organic chemistry & Biochemistry, and Biostatistics with a >4.0 GPA. Jack has experience tutoring students in AP Biology, as well as tutoring physics and chemistry. In 2013, Jack was selected as an Intel Science Talent Search Finalist in the Health & Medicine Category, and in 2015 published his research on lung disease at Stanford as first author. Jack is on track to take the MCAT in January 2016 and apply to medical school in the spring. Jack loves explaining scientific concepts to others and loves to teach.

Course outline:  ~12 lesson
Lesson 1:
Genetics and Evolution
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Lesson 2:
Animal Anatomy & Physiology

Lesson 3:
Plant Anatomy & Physiology
Cell Biology

Lesson 4:
Genetics and Evolution

Lesson 5:
Animal Anatomy & Physiology
Cell Biology

Lesson 6:
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Lesson 7:
Cell Biology

Lesson 8:
Plant Anatomy & Physiology
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Lesson 9:
Animal Anatomy & Physiology
Genetics and Evolution

Lesson 10:
Cell Biology

Lesson 11:
Genetics and Evolution
Animal Anatomy & Physiology

Lesson 12:
Plant Anatomy & Physiology
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology