2016 Fall USABO, AP Bio classes, register today!

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Mrs. Webster will give two biology classes: USABO, AP Biology this fall.

She is one of the most popular teachers at SpringLight. Read the students’ review for her below.

Watch her sample class video at https://youtu.be/qUoAU59Losg.

Register the biology classes at https://goo.gl/F7uO7p.

We offer one trial class, and if you are not satisfied after one class, you may cancel and are not required to pay tuition for that class.
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AP Biology class

Meeting every weekend throughout the fall semester, this class will cover the entire AP Biology course as laid out by the College Board.
(The class is appropriate for students who are currently taking AP Biology or who are self-studying for the exam.)
Students will gain a complete, in-depth understanding of all required AP Biology concepts, as well as plenty of practice and feedback.
All past students have scored well on their exams, even 9th graders and self-studiers.

USABO class
This class is for highly motivated USABO competition students (including the USABO students who started over the summer).
As recommended by the USABO organization, we will be covering every single chapter in the Campbellbiology book (the official book of the competition).  This means students may need to read and review up to 5 chapters a week.
(SpringLight will also offer an in-depth “taking all the exams from previous years” class in Jan-Feb, 2017.)
Our previous students have been extremely successful:
*all our students scored above 20 on the regional (the cutoff for nationals was 23.88)
*50% of our students made it to semifinals
*2 of our students have made it to finals (top 20 in the US)

Instructor Mrs. Webster: With over 10 years of tutoring and editing experience, Mrs. Webster teaches biology, test prep, and writing(including application writing).  Funny, articulate, and knowledgeable, she is often called “the best teacher” by her students.
Mrs. Webster’s students have been very successful indeed: her application-writing students have been accepted to Ivy League schools; her USABO students have made it to nationals; her ACT students have achieved dramatic, 10 point increases in their scores—and sometimes even perfect scores.
Raised by Jewish tiger parents, Mrs. Webster earned a BS in biology with a minor in studio art from Lake Forest College, IL. She then studied neuroscience at UAB and received an MS in biomedical science.​

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