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Dewey Wilmot




1993 graduate of Princeton University and UCLA certified College Admissions Counselor.


The Timeline:

The college admissions process typically begins during the spring of junior year. Starting by March of the junior year will ensure a thorough, yet relaxed, approach to the process. Generally, counseling continues through the spring of senior year. Coaching for standardized tests, below in the Tutoring section, can begin in the sophomore year for SAT Subject Tests and/or PSAT, and can continue through the fall semester of senior year. Pre-college academic counseling is also available for younger students.

The Service:

Admissions Edge strives to help you understand the college admissions process and to help you manage applying to schools. Applying to college shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun and rewarding. The following are included in all rate plans:

Comprehensive Services:
* "Best Fit" college planning lists
* Organization tools: to-do lists & planning calendars
* Interview Skills, Tips on Writing Essays
* Career Planning
* Help planning visits to Colleges
* Advice on Recommendations
* Help filling out applications
* Financial Aid counseling

*$450/month – includes Comprehensive Service + two individual meetings of one hour each.
*$575/month – includes Comprehensive Service + three individual meetings of one hour each.
*$700/month – includes Comprehensive Service + four individual meetings of one hour each.
+$135/hour for additional meeting hours

Meetings occur in Campbell, CA or Los Altos, CA
All rates include unlimited E-mail/Phone support.



Individual and small-group tutoring sessions offered in a variety of subjects and in the comforts of the student’s home:

* Biology, Chemistry, Physics
* Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Trig, Calculus
* AP and honors classes
* English reading and writing
* SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, ACT?s

Tutoring Rates:

* $115/hour for Individual Tutoring
  $135/hour for Individual SAT/ACT Tutoring

* $65/hour/student for Small Group Tutoring (must be arranged by parents with interested students)

Meetings occur conveniently at your home. NO Friday and Saturday sessions. All rates include unlimited E-mail correspondence.

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