2013 USA Physics Olympiad Boot Camp ——-Preliminary Exam Preparation

2013 USA Physics Olympiad Boot Camp

Preliminary Exam Preparation

     Dr Hou says that if you understand the material taught in this USA Physics Olympiad Boot Camp, you will qualify as a semifinalist!

Dec. 26 to Dec. 30 2013, 2:00 to 7:00pm

Location: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 202, San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: (408) 366-2204, (408) 480-7547, (408) 981-8508, spring.light.edu@gmail.com

Tuition Fee $600


USAPhO introduction from Wikipedia:
The current procedure to select the U.S. Physics Team consists of two exams and then a study camp, the preliminary "F=ma" Exam and the Semifinals. In previous years, there have been free response questions on the preliminary round as well as a quarterfinal round in between the preliminary and semifinal. As of 2013, there are only two rounds of testing.

Preliminary Exam

This exam is known as the F = ma contest. There are 25 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes focusing only on mechanics. One point is awarded for each correct answer and a quarter point penalty deducted for each incorrect answer. The cut-off was 15.5 in 2012 and 12.25 in 2013.

Semifinal Exam

The top 300-400 students from the preliminary exam will be invited to take this free response exam covering all topics in introductory physics: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Relativity, Nuclear and Atomic Physics, and Waves and Optics. Some simple calculus may be needed on some of the questions. There are two parts in the exam. Part A has 4 problems to do in 90 minutes. Part B has 2 problems to do in 90 minutes.

Instructor: Dr. Huo

Educational background

Postdocorate/Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

  • Ranked 2nd out of 148 in Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Qualifying Exams

  • Over 50 peer reviewed journal publications

Bachelor’s of Science, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University

High School The High School Affiliated to the Peking University

  • National Science Class (80 exceptional students selected from all over China, preparation for science competition)

Middle school: Science class, The Middle School Affiliated to People’s University of China

Current research project at Stanford:

  • Nano-structured solar cells and LEDs

  • High speed Ge/SiGe light sources, modulators, and photodetectors

  • CMOS image sensor

Competition honors:

  • Physics Olympiad, first place national winner in China
  • 1st place winner, National Olympiad in Informatics, China
  • Multiple Mathematical, Physics, and Informatics competition prizes at national and regional levels

Short descriptions:

Dr. Huo has very deep understanding of fundamental physical principles as well as strong logical thinking. He can explain a complicated question with clearly and concisely so students can quickly develop a strong grasp of the concept. Furthermore, he can push students to think about the original question in other related areas.

Dr. Huo also has gone through a large number of practice for all kinds of physical completion questions and is very familiar with the exam process. As a part of the national science class in China, Dr. Huo studied physics with Prof. Yousheng Shu from Peking University, the most prestigious coach of the Chinese Physics Olympiad team, and Mr. Jida Zhang, the vice president of the high school affiliated with Peking University.

Dr. Huo and his current Physics Olympiad class are loved by both students and parents alike. His preparation for teaching the class involves reviewing all past Olympiad problems from multiple countries’ exams.

USAPhO Semi Final preparation class is in planning. The Semifinal prep class is for students who have qualified for the semifinals following the preliminary exam.


目前每周六下午的USAPhO preparation class,霍老师的讲解得到了每位同学和家长极高的评价。




博士,美国,斯坦福大学,电子工程系 博士生资格考试第2/148名。
高中, 中国,北京大学附属中学 国家理科实验班 (每年从全国选拔80人。主攻竞赛。直接保送大学)
初中,中国,人名大学附属中学 理科实验班


全国中学生物理竞赛一等奖 2次,计算机竞赛一等奖1次

小学,初中,高中: 获得国家,北京市,海淀区等各级,物理,数学,计算机奥林匹克竞赛一,二等奖多次。


· 纳米结构的高效发光二极管(LED)和太阳能电池

· 锗硅高速光源,光调制器,光接收器,和雪崩光电二极管

· CMOS光电传感器的像素设计

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