Thanksgiving Essay Contest


        Thanksgiving Day: one of the most important American holidays is coming up soon. But in the melting pot of America, many families celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways. Each one of us, regardless of being a local student or an international student, have our own things to appreciate and be grateful for. We are thankful for parents who may have moved here from a different country, thankful for the diversity of our friends and family, thankful for our unique background or culture that allows us to see life through a special lens. There is always something unique about our ethnic or cultural background that once changed us and moved us deeply. What is it? Who is it? It is always time for us to say “Thank you,” and we should especially give our best wishes during this time of the year.

        In this essay contest, you can write about anything related to the topic–cultural appreciation. You may talk about a special person, a specific experience, or your opinion of Thanksgiving Day. We would love to hear from you and read your unique story.

Submission guidelines:

The essay length may vary from 250 to 600 words.

Please send all questions and submissions at, or contact us at


All middle school and high school students are eligible to participate in this contest. When submitting, please indicate if you are in middle school or high school.

Deadline: Dec. 1st 2014


Middle school category:

First Place ($30 gift card – one winner),
Second Place ($20 gift card – two winners),
Third Place ($10 gift card – five winners)

High school category:

First Place ($50 gift card – one winner),
Second Place ($25 gift card – two winners),
Third Place ($15 gift card – five winners)

Bay Echo Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is run by teenagers who strive to bridge the generation gap between parents and teens, and to bridge the gap between cultures with education.

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在本次征文活动中,请围绕主题-对文化相关的感恩-进行作文。体裁不限。提示:你可以描写生活中的一件特殊的事,一个特别的人,也可以围绕“感恩节”进行论述。我们希望可以尽快听到有关你的感恩故事! 谢谢!


提交方法:请将所有成品作文与有关问题发送到,或登录 联系我们。



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