Day one:

14-year old son: “Dad, we had a career day today at school.  They gave us a list of ten top careers.  Since you do not want me to be an engineer, I think I am going to study Sociology.”

Dad: “No, not Sociology.  You won’t make any money”

Mom:”That is your Daddy’s opinion.  Don’t let your daddy’s opinion dictate what you are going to do for your future.  You are still young.  What is important is that you have to have the passion for what you do.”

Day two:

14-year old son: “Dad, you need to tell me how much you make”

Dad, pause a while: “No, I am not telling you.”

14-year old son:”Dad, I need to know how much you make so that I can compare and decide what I am going to do in the future.”

Dad: “No, I am not telling you how much I make; it is none of your business.”

11-year old son:”I know how much Daddy makes.  Mommy told me.  Daddy makes $100/hr.”  He said it very proudly.

Mom:”No, that is not true.  I only want to make you realize that a high school graduate can only make $10/hr, and a PHD like Daddy could make $100/hr. I just tossed a number out”

11-year old son:” Mom, you lied to me.”


Day three:

14-year old son: "Dad, have you turned in your tax return yet?"It was one day before April 15th.

Dad:"Yes, I did."

Mom:"Daddy never procrastinate.  You guys need to learn from him."

14-year old son:”Dad, you’d better train me how to file the tax return.” 

After a while, Dad:”No, I will not”

14-year old son:”Why not, Dad?”

Dad:” You just want to trick me into showing you how much I make.”

14-year old son:”No, Dad, I just want to learn the skills to prepare the tax return.  I don’t want the IRS knock at my door in the future.

Dad:”No, I am not showing you.  You can learn it by yourself.”

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