8/3 to 8/7 MUN summer camp(模拟联合国夏令营)

We have already conducted two successful sessions, and here are what students have to say:

“The class was really enjoyable. I used to really dislike reading about political issues…This class pretty much changed my perspective and I’ll definitely join MUN in high school.”

“This was a really good introduction to MUN–it covered the basics of a conference, writing, and speech giving.”

Overall it was a great class  worth taking!

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What is Model United Nations?

MUN is an organization that many high schools and colleges around the world compete in. Much like the real United Nations, students represent different countries or personas and work in committees to solve various issues, ranging from environmental problems to historical events to military issues. Students are judged holistically, based on their participation, research, solutions, and diplomacy. Through the activity, students learn about international relations, gain confidence, and learn how to become leaders.

The benefit to join MUN

  1. It’s one of the most respected high school and college organizations in the world. Being a member, or president, of this club will add another dimension to your high school life and college application.

  2. MUN practices many soft skills necessary for any industry, including engineering, medicine, law, and business. MUN coaches team-work, conflict-resolution, problem solving, persuasion, and confidence, unlike other public speech clubs. These skills will build success no matter whatever future profession you wish to pursue.

  3. MUN explores a diverse range of issues that everyone should be well versed on, including health, medicine, energy, environment, and security. Even if students are not interested in the humanities or social sciences, MUN will broaden their understanding of any subject they are invested in.

  4. The club is more popular in the east coast, and is relatively undiscovered in the west coast. This is a great opportunity to explore and start a new organization that your school may not have discovered!

Register now at https://goo.gl/l1X3Jj

Address: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129

Time:8/3 to 8/7Monday to Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm(We may adjust our schedule based on your need.)

You may register for more than one session.
Fee: $250/week
Contact: 408-366-2204, spring.light.edu@gmail.com


Coach: Patricia Lin is a graduate of Henry M. Gunn High School. She has participated in Model United Nations for the past four years, and has chaired and judged MUN competitions as well. She has placed first, second, and third several times in different competitions, including Chinese language conferences and historical committees.

In the fall, she will attend Georgetown University School of Foreign Service to continue her passion for international affairs and politics.


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