3 day Intensive ACT/SAT Reading Comprehension Class





To strengthen skills in reading comprehension on two fronts:

1) the ability to quickly glean facts through speed-reading;

2) the ability to think critically and in depth about written text.

The difficulty level of the materials presented is intended for high-achieving students in 8th-10th grade. Younger students with demonstrable ability are also welcome.

We will read essays and short stories from a variety of sources, including but not limited to The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, and The Atlantic.

Time:9:30 to 12:30 pm ,12/28-30

Address:1340 S De Anza Blvd., #204 ,San Jose , CA 95129

Tuition:$180.00 (one Session),$350 (two Sessions)



The classes will have 3 main sections.

  1. Students will read short stories to work on reading comprehension, participate in a group discussion in which each student will present responses, and then the class will engage in a deeper discussion of the meaning and the ideas presented in the text.
  2. This section of the class is designed to improve critical skills necessary for the ACT reading section. We will also review test-taking strategies. 
  3. Finally, we will read poetry to hone analytical skills and then discuss the material as a class

Instructor:Melanie Frakes   

  • Recent college graduate from USC on academic scholarship 
  • Dean’s List Honor and Presidential Scholarship at USC
  • Majored in literature 
  • National Merit Finalist
  • Three years teaching experience 
  • Specializes in Reading Comprehension

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