Free seminar “How to Understand and Motivate Teenagers” 

Personal growth can challenge anyone in a family. For example:

  • Parents often do not trust their children because of miscommunication and conflicts of interest.
  • Teenagers want to become independent, but they feel the constant restrictions from their parents.

If you are a teenager who wants to gain the trust of your parents…

OR you are a parent who wants to have a positive influence on your children during their crucial years of growth…

We can help!

Come to free seminar “How to Understand and Motivate Teenagers”!

No Registration needed.

Address: Cupertino High School Library, 10100 Finch Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014

Time:  December 8th, Tuesday, 7-9pm


7:00-8:00 pm, Speaker: Sixtine Gontier

8:00-9:00 pm, Bay Echo presentation panel “Teen growth and motivation”

Speaker: Sixtine Gontier is a Certified Professional Coach and who works with teenagers and young adults with the Academic Life Coaching program, helping them reduce stress about grades and college applications, navigating through challenging relationships, identifying what they really want, and to apply their learning and motivation style for academic success.

She will introduce the “Core Motivation “ exercise. It is a personality tool that provides insights into understanding teenagers (as well as parents). She will provide some coaching and action steps for parents with tips and tools that will help motivate teenagers.

Teens Speak Out team from Bay Echo association will offer teenagers guidance on ways to find their interests in life while developing a strong sense of responsibility, as well as how to walk a path to maturity with their parents

We also provide advice to parents on how to improve communication with their children, and steps to develop trust with them.

Join our speakers from Bay Echo in the first step to mend the breach of understanding between parent and teen.

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