Free Public Speaking Seminar

How will advancing communication skills help you get ahead?

Why is this skill so important?

How can you differentiate yourself from others?

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Public Speaking Seminar

for students from grade 4th to 8th

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on March 15th, Sunday, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

at 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129

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Speaker: Leroy Zhang

  • Senior, Lynbrook High School
  • Accepted to Yale REA, Berkeley EECS Regents Scholar
  • Lynbrook Debate Captain (2013-2014)
  • Lynbrook Debate Secretary/Treasurer (2014-2015)
  • Lynbrook Math Honor Society Vice President (2014-2015)
  • Boy Scouts, Eagle Rank (2013)
  • -Debate, Dempsey Cronin Invitational Quarter-Finalist (2011)

Leroy has extensive experience in Speech and Debate. He has taught middle school and high school students alike in public speaking and debate techniques. His experiences include organizing and teaching at a summer camp for over 100 students from 4th – 8th grade. He holds many leadership positions both in and out of school so he is constantly interacting with parents and students. His successes can be attributed partly to his affinity for communication. In this seminar, he will be sharing how to develop stronger communication skills.

What he will be covering:
-His personal experiences with speaking and how he developed the skills
-The role public speaking and other communication skills have played in his high school career
-The importance of communication in the context of school community and clubs
-Applying these skills for college and life beyond
-How to become more outgoing
-The advantages of starting early
-Ways to begin developing crucial communication skills
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