Creativity Workshop – Learning from Leonardo Da Vinci

  6月6号下午2点半到4点,武汉大学和华工将联合举办一个cretivity workshop。 对象是7-12岁的孩子.


Creativity and innovation are important keys to success in today’s rapidly changing world. Technical innovations, scientific discoveries, business decision making are all examples of realities that require creative solutions. Yet, innovative thinkers are often tough to find.
Children are born with creative potential. How can you nurture and encourage creativity in your child?
Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps the most famous genius of all-time. Many know him only for his painting talent. However, did you know that he was also a sculptor, an inventor, an architect, a botanist, and more?
In this creative workshop, children will learn about da Vinci and get hands-experience as little da Vincis.
Children attending the workshop will:
1    Learn how to appreciate two of da Vinci’s many famous paintings.
2    Learn how da Vinci developed his painting skills and creative thinking.
3    Gain an opportunity to invent.
About the Workshop Leader:
Sue Chen is an education advocate, art docent, software engineer, and entrepreneur. Sue has done the same workshop to her daughter’s class with exuberant feedback. Sue currently serves as member of School Site Council for Stocklmeir Elementary School, and president of StoryRobin Books, publisher for young authors and artists.
Date:   Sunday, June 6th, 2010
Time:   2:30 pm – 4 pm
Location:  Cedar Room,  Santa Clara City Library
Address:   2635 Homestead Road,  Santa Clara, CA 95051
Contact:   (650) 224-6308
Cost:  FREE
Targeted children:  age 7 – 12


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