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My Guardian Angels — 感恩父母征文竞赛-初中组二等奖

My Guardian Angels

Parents are the sun, water, and soil for their plants known as children. In other words, children would not grow without parents. Although most parents put in massive amounts of work to raise their children, “massive” would be an understatement in describing the amounts of work that my parents have put in to raise me. Being immigrants, my parents face racial discrimination, language barrier issues, and other difficulties in their lives. To create a pristine lifestyle for me, my mom wakes up at 5:30 in the morning to work at Oakland, risking her life everyday to make money. My dad, on the other hand, works long hours in order to financially support the family.  Continue reading


My parents, like most others in their situation, have been through a lot. Both of them immigrated to the United States without even a basic command of English, worked hard in college, and got jobs as engineers here in the Bay Area, where they’ve lived ever since. After several years of working for their respective companies, I was born, which is where their
adventures in parenting began. Continue reading

My Life Only Possible Through Sacrifice–感恩父母征文竞赛初中组二等奖

My Life Only Possible Through Sacrifice

       At five in the morning, when the air is still cold, my mom tiptoes out of bed quietly so she does not wake me up, grabs her laptop, and drives away to work on the empty streets. She goes to work early, so she can arrive home earlier and spend more time with me. My mom has worked so hard to get this job. When she entered this country, she didn’t even know how to spell “cake.” At the public library, my mother could not understand a conversation a threeyearold had with his mom. She thought to herself, “What can I do in this land if I’m not as good as a threeyearold?”  Continue reading



My mind races as I think of my entire life ahead of me.The whole world as I knew it was evolving, but something fundamental was always going to be the same. Just as no one heeded the warnings about communist expansion, no one heeded the warnings of global warming. Due to our own race’s selfishness, climate change had completely taken over our Planet Earth. Continue reading

In She I Love –感恩父母征文竞赛-高中组二等奖

In She I Love

       She comes home, muscles aching, and all she wants is to sink into a mountain of blankets. Before she can relax though, she must tend to her daily chores. I try to read my mother’s face, it is nearly impossible to determine what new troubles she has encountered today. Continue reading


“First of all, Susan, thank you so much for your help.”

The voice from the receiving end of Walkman tape is accented, soft and timid. I clutch my headphones connecting to the clunky machine, my heart thumping in my disbelieving ears. I’d been rummaging through the dusty confines of my garage for an empty tape to record my Spanish oral essay, but I never expected to find something like this. Continue reading


Elia Chen

  It’s 2004.
A girl hunches over her desk, scribbling over a piece of paper. She dashes back home, almost skipping giddily, her heart light. After a rapid series of knocks, she holds up her drawing.
“Mommy, daddy, look at this drawing. This is what I want to be!” she says. “A firefighter.”
No one moves. Continue reading

[世界日报]七名華裔生 赴Andrew Hill高中教電腦

七名華裔生 赴Andrew Hill高中教電腦

記者王湛/聖荷西報導   June 28, 2014 06:00 AM

李朴松(右)指導Andrew Hill高中學生如何用Scratch語言編程。(記者王湛/攝影)

李朴松(右)指導Andrew Hill高中學生如何用Scratch語言編程。



過去數月SCA5法案紛爭中,亞裔團體和西語裔團體產生緊張對立。為修補裂痕,灣區教育論壇「矽谷回音」動員七名華裔高中生,到聖荷西Andrew Hill高中,開為期一周的電腦課,指導該校學生用Scratch語言編程。 Continue reading


6月6日晚11:00-11:30pm, KTSF 26 台

张趣 Eddie Zhang出生在美国,2009年毕业于Saratoga High School。2013年毕业于全美排名第三的文理学院Swarthmore College。在大学,他“文武双全”, 主修心理学和生物专业,创办了peer counseling club.
他是 6月8日讲座:亚裔学生怎么在美国大学招生中胜出 的讲员。

谢刚,学校心理学 (School Psychology) 博士,在 Fremont 联合校区任教育心理学工作14年,其精神健康和亲子教育讲座广受华裔社区欢迎。


政治大學廣播電視系學士, 聖荷西州大新聞傳播碩士。台灣正聲廣播公司新聞部記者,星島中文電台製作/主持人,灣區無線六十六台節目部統籌,灣區無線二十六台節目部資深研究員/主持人。

“今夜有話要說” 是全美唯一與觀眾互動的華語現場直播訪談節目,觀眾可以打電話參與節目討論.主持人鄭家瑜以輕鬆機智的風格就當前社會議題、熱門新聞、娛樂時尚、藝術文化及本地生活等話題與嘉賓展開討論,並有名人明星訪談及有獎競猜活動。

下載KTSF App, 即可在手機或者平板電腦上收看《今夜有話要說》每週五晚間11時的直播, 而且還可以隨時隨地重溫之前的節目內容。


他的大儿子哈佛大学毕业,現任台灣微軟營運暨行銷事業群總經理,曾擔任過蓋茲的執行文膽(Chairman’s Executive Speechwriter),參與蓋茲開會、決策、與客戶面談的每一個細節,陪同他搭乘私人專機到世界各地出差。同時,他還負責撰寫蓋茲每場公開演說的講稿,扣除掉週末,幾乎一天一篇。 Continue reading

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