2015 Summer Python Camp 最后一周!

Python是Goolge的三大语言之一;YouTube,以及国内的豆瓣网也是采用Python开发;最新最热的行当中,python是往往web game的首选开发语言之一(开心农场),谷歌和国内的易度云计算开发平台, DropBox也都选择了Python语言。
Python 的特点就是简单, 入门容易。简单是硬道理。相同的逻辑,使用 python可能只需要java五分之一的代码量。五天的Python Camp后,学生就可以进行advance的Python,并独立做python project。
今年我们为我们做大学申请规划的学生找的research internship 都要求会用python。
Students who take this python course will become familiar with writing python scripts to perform various tasks, learn the mechanics of python as a language, be able to create and use data structures, learn how to read and write files, and learn how to create Graphical User Interfaces. Students will complete a variety of projects including but not limited to: an art project, a game simulation, and a simple text analyzer. Python is a great first programming language, and is a simple way to start kids using programming for everyday tasks!
Course syllabus:
Five Days, Around three hours each day.
Day 1 – Introduction to python. Introduction to data types. Basic input/output. Homework: Basic scripts for simple tasks. (30 minutes)
Day 2 – Graphics! We will go through a variety of graphics problems, step by step. Homework: Art Project. Due on Day 4 (Varies based on interest)
Day 3 – Functions, Design, Lists and Strings. File Input/Output. Homework: Continue Art project
Day 4 – Control Structures, Booleans and Simulation.  Homework: Graphics Simulation (45 minutes)
Day 5 – Classes, Python applications, and review!
Class Date:8/10 to 8/14(Monday to Friday)5 Days
Class Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Fee: $280/week,  $60/day
Location: 1340 S. De Anza Blvd., Suit 204, San Jose, CA 95014
For age 10 and above.
Registration,  please click : https://goo.gl/mCXVgV
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