2014 Spring Public Speaking Training Class

Public Speaking Training Class

          Establishing good public speaking skills is pertinent to a variety of tasks. Whether it be presentation or discussion, confidence in public speaking is essential to the successful communication and persuasion of your thoughts and ideas.

Students who enroll will be challenged to speak on the spot, trained to deliver effective speeches, and taught the art of effective communication and commanding an audience. They will be immersed in the world of public speaking with other students who are just as inspired to improve their public speaking skills.

3/1/2014 to 5/3/2014, 5-6:30pm, Saturday, 10 Classes
For middle school students

2/28/2014 to 5/2/2014, 7:30-9:00pm, Friday, 10 classes
For high school students


(We can adjust the schedule by request. max. 10 students per class.)


Location: 1340 S De Anza Blvd. Suite 204, San Jose, CA 95129

Contact: 408-366-2204

Registration: send email to spring.light.edu@gmail.com


Fee: $300 each person for group lessons

*$50/hr for 1 to 1 customized training  

Who can take the class

The course will cover
The course will cover:

The basics of public speaking
Videos and speeches of some of the greatest speakers of history, and Speechwriting techniques
Confidence building exercises, group exercises to acclimate students to speaking in front of others
Introduce logical reasoning exercises with the class
Confidence building exercises
Introduce and practice persuasive speechwriting tactics.
Homework: Each student finds a divisive topic and is to write a speech with the persuasive technique highlighted
Introduction to Impromptu speaking tactics
Practice Impromptu speeches
Mini-competition combining logical, persuasive and impromptu techniques
Guided class critique of intros (students helping students strengthen their techniques)
Jeopardy-style game to review all of the material covered in the course.
Introduction to debate


Coach:Anthony Jordan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a double major in History and Philosophy. He grew up in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In middle school, he earned the Most Outstanding Student in Social Studies award in sixth grade, and the Most Outstanding Student in Science in the seventh grade. Both awards were yearly accolades decided by the teachers and given to one student in the grade. He entered into the Soil and Water Conversation state-wide speech contest in the 8th grade and placed 2nd in the state of North Carolina. The contest tested student’s essay-writing ability as well as their public speaking skills. In high school, he participated in the school’s Mock Trial team, as well as being the first chair trumpet and band captain in the Flying Falcon Marching Band.



I believe Anthony did a great job teaching my daughter the art of speech and debated. She has moved from novice to varsity due to her excellent performances. She got into semifinalist as a novice competitor and got a 3-1 in her first debate tournament. Yesterday, she got to the quarterfinal in a national varsity tournament, which means she got in the top ten percent. Not only is she one of the three people who made it in her school, but she also is the only freshman on her team who made it to the quarterfinals in her category. Of course credit must given when it is due and that credit goes to Anthony.

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