2011 Santa Clara County High School Chess Championship (open to both high school and middle school students in Santa Clara county)

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So next year’s 2011 county tournament is set for Saturday, Jan. 29th. The match details and conditions are pretty much the same as they’ve been the last few years, save for the exception that this year (as agreed upon at our annual captains meeting at the beginning of the season), instead of just 8th graders being allowed to play for their expected high school, all three grades from 6th – 8th grade may play for their expected high school. As many of us know, this is a wonderful event to participate in, as there are both individual trophies and medals, as well as team trophies. Captains and teacher advisors, make sure to promote and spread the word at your school (even with flyers and/or morning announcements if possible) to help make this a big event. Remember, individual losses do not effect your overall team score, only wins; therefore we really encourage to get anyone who has a desire to play to please sign up.

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Mr. Catrette


2011 Santa Clara County High School Chess Championship
Saturday,  1/29/11 (one day)
Monta Vista High School Cafeteria  (like last 3 years)
5 G45 Games (unrated)

Estimated schedule 8:45-10:45-1-2:45-4:30 with awards at 6:15pm

Bring boards and clocks and pencils

$15  per person or max $75  per school, if received by 1/14/11 to buy trophies for tournament.
$25  per person or max $125 per school, if received after 1/14/11.
Expect Costco pizza lunch and snacks will be included given parent volunteer will pick up lunch.

Send check to Monta Vista Chess Club, 21840 McClellan Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014
Send names via email (or with payment) so tournament setup will be faster

Only high school players going to a school in the county or living in the county can play, or
6th, 7th, & 8th graders can also play for their expected high school.

Top 5 individual trophies. Class trophies for top player U1800,U1600, U1400, U1200, U1000.
Top 3 team trophies.   Top 3 scores from one high school make a team.
1st place team takes home very large, 20+ year old perpetual trophy to engrave their school’s name.


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