Competition Math Summer Camp 8/3 to 8/14

Math Competitions

The importance of math cannot be emphasized enough — it is vital to students applying to a wide range of majors, not just STEM. It helps you think on your feet, teaching you to find innovative solutions to complex problems and building confidence along the way.

Math competitions are much more than a contest — they develop a student beyond the normal course of school math. Training for competitions will improve logical and critical thinking, and increase independent problem solving skills, valuable abilities that will benefit students for life.

数学竞赛不只是对要申请理工科的学生,更不是仅仅对有数学头脑的学生。数学竞赛是超越学校数学的,可以培养学生的逻辑思维 以及解决问题的能力。这些能力的培养会让您的孩子一生受益。

Counting and Probability 和 Number Theory 是数学竞赛中很重要的部分,但不会在学校的数学中教到。初中生和高中生均可以参加。夏天学好Counting and Probability 和 Number Theory可以为以后的各种数学竞赛打下良好的基础。

 Counting and Probability

Having a high-level understanding of counting and probability is absolutely critical to doing well in math — from middle and high school competitions like Mathcounts and AMC, to high school classes themselves like Algebra 2/Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. Students will learn about topics ranging from the number of digits used to number the pages in a 100-page book, to the probability of rolling doubles on two dice. As a result of taking this class, students will have mastered and be able to confidently solve these now-familiar commonly found counting and probability problems on these competitions.

Number Theory

Number theory, a topic ranging from divisibility rules to prime numbers, is a topic rarely covered in high school classes, yet one that appears often on Mathcounts and AMC problems and proves to be a crucial skill for students who take part in math competitions. Mastering number theory is a valuable aid in helping students understand more abstract math concepts in high school and college, in calculus and beyond. This course will also touch on several proof methods, such as proof by contradiction and induction, that are absolutely essential for proof-level math competitions such asBAMO or USA(J)MO.

Instructor: Victor Chen

These classes will be taught by Mathcounts alumni and Miller Middle School Mathcounts coach VICTOR CHEN, who placed 7th in California Mathcounts in 8th grade and led Miller to 3 consecutive victories at the chapter level, as well as placing 2nd place as a team in California this past year. He has also had years of outstanding experience in other math competitions, being 1 of only 250 in the United States to qualify for the 2015 USAMO. He is a 4-time AIME qualifier, in 2015 placing 2nd nationally in the AMC 12A. He was the SFBA A1 captain for ARML, leading the team to place 1st nationally, and has placed 3rd and 5th in the 2014 and 2015 CAMLcompetitions, respectively.

Kevin Lei强烈推荐的年轻老师Victor Chen 不仅取得了无数数学竞赛的大奖,而且教学经验丰富。他主教的Miller初中的MathCounts取得了许多大奖。自2014年夏在春晖教学开始,也取得了学生的一直称赞。

他的Mathcounts的学生给他的review:“I liked my teacher, Victor Chen, very much. I learned a lot of material, including counting, venn diagrams, and factorials, throughout the duration this week. He explained each problem very thoroughly and patiently answered any questions I had.”

“I took a Mathcounts class. Before the class, I was moderate at probability, which isn’t good enough for contests. After the class, I became proficient. The teacher was pretty nice.”

   Time:10:00 am-12:00pm,  Every Weekday M-F

           Counting & Probability   Date:7/6-7/17, 

           Number Theory               Date:8/3-8/14,                               


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